What are WorkerBots? They are mobile robots that have the ability to do whatever work that humans want done. A classic example of the first of these robots is Curiosity – a mobile robot on mars that does mining and exploration over whatever terrain exists.

We should see an explosion in WorkerBots over the coming years and the development and history will be very interesting.

Humans built everything around them using their very limited facilities. So in the beginning there will be some copying of human features but in the long run probably not so. For example, humans built a house with stairs and a doorknob. Therefore the first generation of WorkerBots will need to be able to climb steps and turn doorknobs. However in the long run there will the house will probably be flat to the ground with no doorknobs at all so the characteristics the WorkerBots will change with the times.

The reason the explosion should happen soon is that the mobile transport platforms are coming along quickly as are the ability to mimic human arms which will allow the first generation of WorkerBots access all the things humans have built is. The sensors for the very limited range of human sensing (sight, smell, tactile response and sound) have long been available. The software will be written when when we have the hardware and a clearly defined need.

The next step is for business people to identify the most pressing needs and start building the first generation of WorkerBots. This blog is to follow that adventure.

Also important to this whole process is to have FixItBots or FixMeBots. The duty of these robots will be to manufacture the WorkerBots and repair them. So we need to identify a financially lucrative need, create a WorkerBot to do the task and also be working on making a FixItBot to make and repair the WorkerBot.

What are some ideas? How about picking food in the fields or orchards? It would be a good idea to make a list of high cost labor jobs and start to follow and encourage advancements.

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